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Victoza (Liraglutide) Side Effects, What To Do Before Taking, What to Avoid and Proper Use

People who have type-two diabetes often struggle with obesity and a multitude of other health problems because their blood sugar level stays too high. So doctors sometimes prescribe a medication called Victoza to help correct the high blood sugar and weight problems. This injection is effective, but it can cause some serious side effects that people should know about before they try it.

Information. While Victoza has an effect on blood sugar levels, it doesn’t contain any hormone created by the pancreas that diabetics need. This is often a great source of confusion for those who are prescribed it because it comes in an injection-type pen that is similar to that which doctors prescribe that in. If a person uses it in the same way, they could become very sick. So it is important to carefully follow the directions that the doctor gives for taking it.

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