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Things Fine to Eat Before a Colonoscopy

The colonoscopy allows a physician to look at the colon and the inner lining of the rectum. This test is used to check for any abnormalities of the rectum and the colon, as well as look for signs of colon cancer. This procedure is imperative in diagnosing issues of the colon that need to be treated immediately. A person who is having an irregular bowel movements, stomach pain, abdominal pain, bleeding, or irregular stools may be asked to have a colonoscopy. This procedure is relatively routine and does not require hospitalization. Early intervention with colon issues can help to avoid becoming something more serious. A person has the best chance of recovering from colon cancer if the cancer is found early. The colonoscopy allows for the cancer to be found earlier and treatment to begin immediately.

Information. During the colonoscopy, the doctor inserts a colonoscope, which is a thin, flexible tube that has a camera on the end, into the rectum. The camera takes video as well as pictures of the colon. A colonoscopy cannot be successful unless the person has a completely cleaned colon. This is achieved by a special diet that is followed three to four days before the colonoscopy as well as a clean out routine.

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