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These 5 Symptoms Might Be a Sign of Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer occurs anywhere in the mouth, including the throat, tongue, lips, sinuses, larynx, pharynx and the salivary glands. Therefore, it is essential to identify the warning signs so precautions can be taken as soon as possible. Like almost any form of cancer, early diagnosis and treatment pays a big role in treatment. Mouth cancer can have some of the most distinctive symptoms of any type of cancer. The mouth is a sensitive area after all. If a person experiences any of the following symptoms for more than two weeks, then getting checked by a doctor and/or dentist right away is an important choice.  

Difficulty chewing and swallowing. If it is hard to chew food and, consequently, difficult to swallow, then this may be an indicator that there may be a more serious problem. While solid foods can get stuck in the esophagus once in a while, it should not last longer than a few seconds. Typically, saliva or a glass of water can help with swallowing. However, if hesitancy or pain in swallowing persists, then medical attention needs to be sought.

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