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These 10 Common Panic and Anxiety Attack Symptoms Are Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a disorder that impacts millions of individuals annually around the world. The most common form of anxiety includes GAD, or Generalized Anxiety. In addition to GAD, Panic Attack Disorder is commonly linked with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Understanding the top 10 most common panic and anxiety symptoms is a way to determine whether or not you may have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder yourself. With the right resources and a complete understanding of anxiety-centric disorders, regain control of your life while working towards your goals with proper counseling and therapy.

Excessive Worrying. Do you find yourself overthinking nearly every social interaction and situation you find yourself in? Do you worry about the outcome of every event you experience, even beyond your control? Excessive worrying is one of the most common signs of anxiety disorders. Overthinking about issues that are out of your control is a telltale sign that your brain is struggling with anxiety.

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