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The Top 6 Clear Symptoms and Signs of Dehydration

Comprised of 70% water, the human body needs this life giving fluid to function properly. This essential liquid is vital to almost all our daily bodily functions. Due to the body’s constant need for this element, a distinct lack of water in the body can cause severe problems. It’s very easy to become dehydrated. Environmental factors like heat and direct sunlight are often enough to cause rapid dehydration if people aren’t taking the necessary steps to stay hydrated. Not drinking enough water Many signs may present themselves to people who are dehydrated.

Fatigue. When dehydration sets in, it is common to feel fatigued. Chronic dehydration leads to a drop in blood pressure and blood flow, resulting in a clear lack of oxygen within the blood. This occurs whenever an individual consumes less water than they lose. While most people fail to connect fatigue with a lack of water, it is an early sign of dehydration. This lack of hydration worsens as an individual continues to exert themselves or sweat. As the body loses more fluids, the blood starts to thicken. This causes the heart to work harder, which ultimately takes up more energy. This leads to sluggishness and fatigue.

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