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The Top 5 Ways to Cure Vertigo Fast

Vertigo is the sensation of dizziness, resulting from a problem within the inner ear area. Patients with vertigo feel like everything is spinning, even when they are lying down with their eyes closed or just standing still. They might also feel nausea and be unable to maintain balance. There are several causes of vertigo. Treatment depends on what that cause is. Often, vertigo disappears without treatment. The reason being that your brain is capable of adapting, at least partially, to changes within the inner ear, and rely on other systems for maintaining balance.

Vestibular rehabilitation. Physical therapy that strengthens the vestibular system is called vestibular rehabilitation. Your vestibular system sends signals to your brain concerning body and head movements in regards to gravity. If you are prone to recurring spells of vertigo, you might benefit from vestibular rehab. It conditions your remaining senses to compensate.

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