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The Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatment of Macular Degeneration

A disease of the eyes that commonly affects people who are over the age of 55 years old is called macular degeneration. It occurs when the retina of one or both of the eyes starts to break down in the center. This condition is dangerous because it significantly impairs the vision and quality of life of those who have it, especially if they don’t receive medical attention right away. So it is very important that those who have a high risk of developing this eye disease take the time to learn more about the symptoms, vision signs, risk factors, and treatment methods that are available for it.

Information. There are currently two varieties of macular degeneration. The first type is called non-neovascular or dry macular degeneration. The second type is neovascular or wet macular degeneration. While both types of the condition cause eye problems, wet macular degeneration leads to the most vision loss. That is because a person usually starts out with dry macular degeneration as an early stage of the disease. Then, as the disease progresses, it turns into the wet form of it, which means that an excess amount of blood will start to leak from the formation of new blood vessels underneath the retina.

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