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The Symptoms, Causes, Dangers and Treatment of Sleep Deprivation

Millions of Americans struggle with getting a good night’s rest. That could be why there is such a large amount of products out on the market that promise to aid in the treatment of insomnia. Usually, all a person has to do is take them for a few days to get their sleep rhythm evened out again. Then, they don’t need them anymore. But for those who can’t seem to sleep no matter what supplements that they take, a condition called sleep deprivation can occur. Since its effects have serious consequences on a person’s body and brain, it is important to understand all of the symptoms, causes, dangers, and treatment options for the condition.

Information. Research studies that were performed on animals have shown that sleep deprivation is so serious that it can end in death. This is mainly attributed to specific health conditions that seem to influence a person’s poor sleep habits though, such as a disorder called fatal familial insomnia. Fatal familial insomnia is genetic and very rare though. So other more common health problems, like stress and PTSD, are often to blame.

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