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The Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Brain Tumors

Sometimes the brain suffers from abnormal growth that occurs in the cells located in the brain. These are known as brain tumors. They can be malignant or benign, but even benign brain tumors can be dangerous. Though a benign tumor in another part of the body can grow to a large size and not compromise the health of the person, a tumor in the brain has nowhere to go. This means that it can damage different areas in the brain that are responsible for other bodily functions.

Information. Brain tumors can begin in the brain itself. These are called primary tumors. They can also be metastases from cancers in different areas of the body. Along with the size of the tumor, the effects of a brain tumor depend on what type it is and where it is located in the brain. There are over 120 types of brain tumors. They range from acoustic neuromas to chordomas, central nervous system lymphomas, gliomas, medulloblastomas, pituitary tumors and schwannomas. Some types of brain tumors, such as ependymomas and optic nerve gliomas, are more common in children. How treatable and survivable the tumors are depends on many factors, including the patient’s age, their overall health and how they respond to treatment.

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