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The Side Effects, Reasons and Results of Chemotherapy

Known as one of the most aggressive and intense kinds of drug therapy, Chemotherapy targets and kills all cells in the body that are undergoing the division process. Cancer cells are almost always in a process of cell division because they multiply rapidly, so Chemotherapy is an effective cancer treatment option. Chemotherapy however, tends to have serious adverse side effects that can be intense and compromise quality of life. Chemotherapy is almost always used in tandem with cancer removal surgery, hormone therapy, and or radiation therapy. The circumstances surrounding the cancer will affect the recommended treatment, such as overall health, aggressiveness of the cancer, stage of cancer, previous treatments for cancer, location of the cancer, and personal choice.

Information. While Chemotherapy is mostly used to treat cancerous diseases, it is also applied in the treatment of some other types of disorders. Low doses of Chemotherapy can be effective in treating autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Additionally, Chemotherapy may be used before a bone marrow treatment to prepare the patient for the treatment. In those who are suffering from late stages of cancers, elective Chemotherapy is sometimes utilized to relieve severe pain caused by the cancer growth.

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