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The Common Symptoms and Treatment Options of Rabies

Rabies is a viral type of disease that affects the central nervous system and results in widespread brain inflammation that is very deadly to humans and other mammals. The viruses that cause rabies are called lyssaviruses. The most prevalent source of rabies infections that happen in humans are a result of dog bites or bat bites. Rabies can be transmitted from animals by saliva in bites or scratches. Rabies only spreads from animal to human and animal to animal, transmission from human to human is very rare. The virus will rapidly begin to multiply when it reaches the brain and causes deterioration of the brain and spinal cord tissues. Unfortunately, once the virus has spread to the brain and manifested through neurological symptoms in humans, the disease will almost always result in death.

Information. Most of today’s population have a relatively low chance of coming in contact with the viruses that cause rabies. However, there are groups of individuals who may be at a higher risk for contracting rabies because of certain circumstances or occupations. Those who reside in a region that is heavily populated with bats, those who reside in rural regions with wild animals and no access to preventative measures, those who are younger than 15 years old, those who travel to undeveloped countries, and those who are frequently exposed to wild animals while camping or by other means are all at an increased risk of contracting rabies. Rabies can be difficult to diagnose in its early stages before symptoms manifest, but after symptoms appear a tissue test or blood test can determine if an individual is infected.

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