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The Causes, Treatment and Complications of Ingrown Hairs

When growing hair gets caught under the skin, people develop painful red bumps. These bumps can be itchy, uncomfortable and unseemly in the spring or summer when people prefer to wear less clothing. Everyone is bound to get ingrown hair at some point in their life, and they’re usually nothing to worry about. People can take some preventative measures to avoid ingrown hairs, and there are some easy at-home treatment options to ease any discomfort when one occurs.

Information. Ingrown hairs occur when the hair shaft curls under the skin. People who have thick or curly hair are more likely to develop ingrown hairs, and the dense, coarse hair in the pubic region is also susceptible to becoming ingrown. An ingrown hair cyst can develop when the hair beneath the skin when a hair closes over a pore, resulting in a pus-filled bump that resembles an acne cyst. African-American men age 14-25 are most likely to develop ingrown hairs, but they can happen to anyone.

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