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The Causes, Symptoms and Types of Vestibular Balance Disorders

Feeling dizzy is no fun. It can often be caused by a vestibular balance disorder. The vestibular system includes the inner ear and parts of the brain. These parts help to control balance and eye movements. When something goes wrong with this system, a feeling of being dizzy and off balance can often happen. Problems with the vestibular system can also cause problems with hearing and vision. Read on to learn more about vestibular balance disorders.

Information. Various injuries and diseases can cause damage to the vestibular system. In addition to structures of the inner ear and brain, messages from our joints and muscles also help our vestibular system to work properly. Balance is often affected when the vestibular system isn’t working properly. Challenges with balance can make everyday tasks difficult. Beyond being scary, struggling with balance can be dangerous and exhausting for those suffering from vestibular balance disorders. Besides difficulties with balance, hearing and vision, other symptoms of vestibular disorders can include nausea, ear pain, motion sickness, sensitivity to loud noises, difficulty concentrating, anxiety and depression.

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