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The Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Brain Lesions

A lesion is a damaged tissue due to injuries. Brain lesions are simply damages in the tissues and veins found in the brain. It is impossible to detect brain lesions at early stages since they don’t show any symptoms; however, as the injury intensifies various symptoms become evident. Some brain lesions may lead to the growth of cancerous cells in the brain while others are non-cancerous.

They are different types of brain lesions, and their intensity varies in different patients. The typical examples of brain lesions include; Abscesses,Arteriovenous Malformations, Cerebral Infarction, Brain Tumors and others.

Information. An abscess is mainly caused by damages of areas near the brain such as the ear or dental area. It may also be caused by injury or surgery on the skull. Arteriovenous Malformations occur when arteries and veins that are found in the brain tangle leading to their rapture. Cerebral infarction occurs when some cells in the brain die due to lack of enough blood. Brain tumors arise when specific cells in the brain grow abnormally and may develop into cancerous or non-cancerous cells.

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