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The Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies to Lower High Triglycerides

Modern nutrition features a balance. Different types of fats have different benefits and negative effects depending on their quantities. Triglycerides are a great example of that. They are useful in that the body uses triglycerides for energy and good health. However, too many triglycerides released into the bloodstream can cause a lot of dangerous problems. High levels of triglycerides increase the chance someone will get various heart diseases. It’s also possible for someone to get metabolic syndrome, which includes a mix of: high blood sugar(glucose) levels, high blood pressure , excess belly fat, low levels of good cholesterol and very high triglycerides. This syndrome is bad on its own, but also increases the chances of suffering from a stroke, heart disease or even diabetes!

Causes. There are many causes which can increase the levels of triglycerides in a person. While diabetes itself is not a cause, people who don’t properly control their diabetes and allow their blood sugar to become unbalanced can cause them. Also people who are obese due to food consumption or drink excessive alcohol can find their triglyceride levels very high. People with kidney disease and hypothyroidism should be careful and monitor triglyceride levels due to the high risk of those causing it as well.

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