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The Causes, Results and Overview of the MCH Blood Test

Hemoglobin is vital to human health; a red blood cell protein, hemoglobin transfers oxygen from your lungs throughout the rest of the body’s tissues and organs. MCH stands for “corpuscular hemoglobin,” which represents the average mass of hemoglobin in a person’s blood. MCH tests help doctors pinpoint specific health conditions and treat the different types of anemia that an MCH test can reveal.

Information. MCH tests measure the average amount of hemoglobin (hg) per red blood cell (RBC) in a person’s blood. MCH tests are part of a standard blood count. MCH tests help physicians diagnose anemia, a condition where the blood does not contain enough hemoglobin. MCH blood test samples are usually taken by inserting a needle into the arm. Normal adult MCH levels range between 26 and 34.

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