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The Causes of Elevated (High) Liver Enzymes and The Right Time to See a Doctor

Elevated liver enzymes can be a worrisome blood test result to receive. While they do not necessarily indicate a problem, they can mean that something is wrong with the liver or less commonly something wrong elsewhere in the body. Liver enzymes experience natural fluctuations, but if they are very high or if the elevated levels persist, it is worth pursuing a closer look with the help of a physician.

Info. The liver is a large abdominal organ that is responsible for over 500 individual functions, but one of its best-known functions is blood cleaning and filtering. As your body breaks down substances in your digestive system, many nutrients and chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of your intestine; the liver has the important job of cleaning and filtering this blood before it is allowed to flow to the rest of the body. It detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs. The liver is a very hardy organ, capable of regeneration of function. However, it is not invincible, and drugs and disease can damage it irreparably.

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