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The Causes and Treatment of Clubfoot

Clubfoot is a type of foot deformity wherein the foot is curved into an unnatural angle instead of being in its proper flat position. It is usually diagnosed when a baby is first born because it can easily be seen during a standard health screening. However, in areas of the world where mothers receive a limited amount of prenatal care, there are sometimes cases of it that are not diagnosed until a person is an adult. Since this type of foot deformity seriously limits someone’s ability to walk, it is important to know about the causes and treatment options that are available for the condition.

Information. Roughly one in every 1,000 babies will be born with a clubfoot. So this condition is more common than many people realize. But one of the main reasons that parents often don’t know about the condition until their child is affected by it is because it can be treated very easily. That means that the child will most likely be cured by the time that they would normally begin to learn to walk. So there are few adults in the country who suffer from it. Some children with clubfoot have more serious cases of the condition wherein one or both of their legs are smaller than they should be though. So it might take more time for their condition to improve.

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