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Swollen Lymph Nodes Causes, Symptoms and More Information

Distributed throughout the body are small bundles of lymphocytes called lymph nodes. Their main job is to act like a net to capture and destroy viruses and bacteria before they can spread from one region of the body to another. Usually, they work in a very efficient manner, so most people don’t even realize that they are there. However, this changes whenever they become swollen because this is a symptom of several serious health disorders that have to be treated right away. Because of this, it is important to address what causes the lymph nodes to become swollen, what potential symptoms a person might have with them, and some of the other important information about the condition.

Information. Besides preventing the spread of infection, lymph nodes also help to drain away excess fluid in the body. So if a person has to have one or more of them removed for any reason, they may experience lymphedema in the area of the body that they were taken from. Lymphedema can sometimes be temporarily alleviated by massaging the area and using warm compresses. But, for the most part, it often becomes a life-long problem after the surgery.

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