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Pacemaker Surgery Risks, Causes and More Information

In a normally functioning heart, there is an electrical system that is built in and is known as the conduction system. This system is responsible for sending electrical impulses throughout the heart to tell it when and how to beat properly. There are numerous conditions that interrupt or interfere with this conduction system, making the heart beat irregularly. This is when a pacemaker, or an electronic device that is implanted, and serves the same function of the built in conduction system of the heart when it is not working properly.

Information. There are two different kinds of pacemakers that are used for different purposes, a temporary pacemaker and a permanent pacemaker. A temporary pacemaker is intended for use during a short period of time while hospitalized. It is used typically when an individual is waiting for a permanent pacemaker or if the condition warranting the pacemaker is expected to resolve within a short period of time. A permanent pacemaker is meant for long term use and all parts of the pacemaker are implanted inside of the body. Additionally, they do not require constant medical personnel monitoring and hospitalization like a temporary pacemaker does.

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