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Low Testosterone

Low testosterone or hypoandrogenism is a condition that affects many men living in america and around the world. The body (gonads) stops producing as much testosterone as it once did and levels lower in the body. This can affect men in a variety of ways. Low testosterone really becomes an issue if blood levels lower at the same time as the testosterone. This article will look at the symptoms of low testosterone, the causes, the treatments available and the prognosis.


Sometimes symptoms of low testosterone can be quite obvious and sometimes they can be very subtle. Symptoms can include: depression, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, irritability, fatigue, low sense of well-being and difficulty concentrating.

If you think that you have low testosterone you should contact your doctor, or a medical professional, to get their opinion. A blood test is used to determine whether or not you have low testosterone.


Low testosterone is the result of your gonads not functioning at the same level that they used to. They are unable to produce the amount of testosterone that your body needs to function at 100%. Age has a lot to do with how much testosterone your gonads should be producing. An older man of 80 years will not be producing the same amount of testosterone as a man in his early 20s would be.


Testosterone replacement therapy is no longer recommended to those who suffer from just low testosterone. Most professionals will only suggest testosterone replacement therapy if the sufferer also has low blood levels. The reason for this being that some of the side effects to the testosterone replacement therapy are actually worse than the symptoms of having low testosterone. If you and your doctor have decided on testosterone replacement therapy, there are a few different forms that you can choose from. They are: mouth patches, skin patches, injections, implants and gels. With mouth patches there are tablets that you can place on your upper gums. They release testosterone that go through your oral tissues and into your blood stream. The name of the tablet is Striant. With skin patches they are applied once a day to the upper arm or body. The name of the patches are Androderm. Testosterone may also be injected into your muscles. It can also come in pellet form. These pellets are placed into the soft tissues of your body and get absorbed. Finally, testosterone gels are applied onto your skin.

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It is believed that testosterone replacement therapy can make certain health conditions worse. These health conditions include: erythrocytosis, prostate cancer, sleep apnea, benign prostatic hypertrophy and congestive heart failure. Again, it is important to consult with your doctor or other health professional before you decide whether you should start treatment. Keep in mind that treatment can make things worse than what they were. Some professionals have begun to argue that low testosterone can even end your life sooner. There have been studies that suggest that men with low testosterone may die sooner than men with normal levels of testosterone.

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