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Look Out For These 5 Signs of Jock Itch

While jock itch is definitely unpleasant, it is really quite common. This is especially so among those who are physically active, such as athletes or those who go to the gym, jog, or run. Fungi which live on the hair and skin are at fault here. These fungi are microscopic and can not be seen by the naked eye. They tend to thrive in areas that are moist or damp. That is why it is more common to get jock itch when it is hot outside. People who sweat a lot, such as those who engage in physical activities often have damp areas which allow fungi to live and multiply. Although jock itch is uncomfortable, it can be cured. Following are some signs that you may have jock itch.

Changes in skin color. Jock itch often causes changes in skin color. This is because the fungi on your skin can cause a rash to develop. This causes redness and swelling on your legs or other affected areas. If you notice that certain areas of your body, especially those which tend to accumulate sweat, are becoming red and itchy, you likely have a rash that was caused by jock itch. Wearing loose underwear and clothing can help prevent sweat from accumulating and help the rash go away.

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