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Leg Edema Symptoms, Causes and More

Peripheral edema is a medical condition wherein the tissues of the body fill up with excess fluid. Whenever a person stands or sits for a long time, the fluid tends to shift to the lower legs though. So it is also sometimes referred to as leg edema. For the most part, leg edema causes no major health problems. But since it can be a sign of a more serious medical issue, it is best to know about what some of its symptoms and potential causes can be.

Information. Normally, the body is able to use several different mechanisms to drain away excess fluid that has built up in the tissues. It is only when none of them are working efficiently that the swelling takes place. So, in order to try to figure out why someone keeps suffering from leg edema, a doctor often has to do a full medical work-up, which evaluates their immune system, weight, cardiovascular system, and eating and exercising habits.

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