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Lactic Acidosis Symptoms, Causes and More

The body produces a substance called lactate during periods of exercise to make up for the lack of oxygen in the system. The body usually breaks down glucose to get energy, but when a greater amount of energy is needed, lactate allows the body to convert energy faster and deliver the oxygen the body needs. Lactic acid can continue to build up in the muscles, and when the body has too much lactate in its system, people can experience soreness, fatigue, dizziness and nausea from a condition called lactic acidosis.

Information. Acidosis is a series of medical conditions that upset the blood’s natural pH balance. Acidosis can be metabolic, meaning it results in a bicarbonate loss in the blood, or respiratory, which results from too much carbon monoxide in the blood from shallow breathing. Lactic acidosis is metabolic. There are two different forms of lactic acid which aid the body when it needs to speed up energy conversion through a process called anaerobic metabolism. These are designated as D-lactate and L-lactate. Lactic acidosis is usually caused by increased levels of L-lactate in the system.

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