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Iron Deficiency Anemia Causes, Risk Factors and Complications

Iron is an important source of nutrition for the blood’s hemoglobin. Without enough iron, the body may not produce enough hemoglobin, resulting in a condition called anemia. Iron deficiency anemia prevents the body’s organs and tissues from receiving enough oxygen, and it can put a strain on the heart as it has to work harder to compensate.

Information. Iron helps the body produce the important red blood cell protein called hemoglobin. Without enough hemoglobin, the body can develop a condition called anemia. There are different types of anemia, but this article will address iron-deficiency anemia. According to the American Society of Hematology, iron deficiencies are very common and can result from a variety of different lifestyle choices and health problems. The good news is that most iron-deficiency anemics can cure their condition with a simple oral supplement prescribed by a doctor.

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