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Help Prevent Sleepwalking Through These 5 Lifestyle Changes

Sleepwalking can be an isolated incident brought on by many factors. However, as much as 4% of all adults have sleepwalking episodes and the percentage for children is even higher. Usually, children will outgrow this phenomenon but adults who sleepwalk tend to have underlying conditions or issues that are triggering their sleepwalking. If you or someone you love experiences walking in their sleep, there are some lifestyle changes you can try in order to qualm those late night wanderings.

Exercise. Studies show that people who get in a good workout during the day often sleep better at night. You do not even have to go all out and hit the gym for an hour. As little as ten minutes out of your day dedicated to a quick workout is enough to get the effect you are looking for. Doing some sort of physical activity as simple as walking can help improve the quality of your sleep and keep you asleep longer. Exercise is also a good way to get rid of stress and it’ll help tire you out both of which can improve your sleep even more. The only trick to this lifestyle change is to figure out what time of day is best to get your exercise in. If a nighttime workout leaves you hyped up, then opt for a daytime routine.

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