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Heart Rates: Understanding a Heart Rate Chart and What a Normal Pulse Rate Is

Knowledge concerning your heart rate could help you detect developing health issues. The number of heartbeats you experience per minute is your heart rate (pulse). We all wish to know what normal is pertaining to heart health. Common questions include: How is heart rate determined? What is a standard resting heart rate? What is a standard exercising heart rate? For those concerned about heart health, these queries are readily answered and can supply comforting information.

Heartbeat rhythm. In regards to your heartbeat, cardiologists observe both the rate and the rhythm. There are three heartbeat rhythm types, regular, regularly irregular, and irregularly irregular, such as atrial fibrillation. Regular rhythm is the most common. In the greatest majority of individuals, this is sinus rhythm. The rest of this article will discuss heart rate, assuming your heart is in sinus rhythm.

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