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Heart Catheterization Risks, Preparation and Procedural Techniques

If a doctor suspects that a patient has an issue with their heart, they may order a heart catheterization. This diagnostic tool can help doctors diagnose many problems of the heart. After discussing it with their patient, a doctor can suggest having this completed to determine potential heart conditions. This procedure is done at a local hospital.

Information. The heart catheterization procedure can not only diagnose certain heart conditions, it can also treat certain conditions. During the procedure, a long catheter is entered into an artery or vein. The common location site is typically the groin, but the neck or arm can be used. Once this tube is in place, it is pushed up through the blood vessels and into the heart. During this procedure, a coronary angioplasty can be completed. During the procedure, the patient is left awake, but given a sedative to help them to relax. The recovery process is typically quick, and complications are a rarity.

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