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EGFR Blood Tests Preparation and Overview

The EGFR blood test measures how the kidneys are functioning. The test looks at the levels of muscle waste in the blood. Once that number is found, an estimation formula is complete to calculate numbers that indicate how the kidneys are functioning. The tiny filters in the kidney that remove waste products from the blood are known as the Glomeruli. These filters prevent constituents like blood cells and protein from leaving the body. Healthy kidneys produce about 2 quarts of urine and filter out around 200 quarts of blood every single day. The GFR measures the amount of blood that is filtered by these tiny filters every minute. It is imperative that this test is performed if someone has kidney disease. This is to ensure that they are not losing the total function of the kidneys. Any kidney disorder can be life-threatening and cause severe health implications.

Information. It is important for a person with a suspected kidney disease to receive this test. This test will ensure the functionality of the kidneys and help to head any damage off of the pass. A person who is having issues with the kidneys can make a variety of different lifestyle changes as well as medication changes to keep the function of the kidneys were should be. This is imperative to do to avoid having to have a kidney transplant or to go on dialysis.

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