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Diabetic Ketoacidosis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Symptoms. The symptoms of ketoacidosis are very quick to occur. A person experiencing it will likely feel the symptoms within the first twenty four hours of ketones being released into the bloodstream. Many people may not realize they even have diabetes and it’s these symptoms which will alert them to the possible condition. The first symptom is the need to frequently urinate. The second symptom is a persistent unquenchable thirst. This feeds into the first symptom as you consume constant liquids to try to match the thirst. After that, people with diabetic ketoacidosis may find they have some pain the abdomen. It’s possible to feel nauseous and possibly vomit as well. Some have trouble breathing while also finding their breath has an unexpected fruit smell to it. Other people are unable to mentally process at the same level and feel confused. Finally, people with diabetic ketoacidosis often struggle to sleep and find themselves tired. Having to wake up to consistently urinate only makes that more difficult to handle.

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