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Causes, Symptoms and More Information about E.Coli Infections

Escherichia coli, which is also known as E. coli, is a type of gram-negative bacteria that thrives best in anaerobic environments. Normally, it lives in the lower intestines of both humans and animals. But because of the oxygenated blood that passes through the body, which creates an aerobic environment, it usually only survives for about three days. However, people can still become infected with it in other ways, and this can make them very sick. So it is important to understand what the causes and symptoms of E. coli infections are.

Information. The E. coli that is found in the lower intestines is actually beneficial because it produces vitamin K that is essential to the health. It also aids in fighting against other more dangerous types of bacteria being able to rapidly reproduce in the intestines. This can sometimes make it difficult to understand the risks that it poses to the health since it is only when someone is exposed to it orally that it can make them sick.

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