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6 Poison Ivy and Poison Oak Home Remedies That Work

If you’ve heard the phrase “Leaves of three, let them be,” then you probably know that you should avoid poison ivy. Even still, it’s not uncommon to accidentally come in contact with this plant. When that happens, an oily substance in the plant can give you an intense rash. Symptoms include redness and swelling. You’ll probably feel quite itchy. Your skin may even blister. Home remedies can help alleviate these unpleasant poison ivy symptoms.

Banana peel. After snacking on a banana, you can use the peel to improve your poison ivy situation. The peel will cool the itch, and the nutrients that it contains may even promote your healing. One way to use a banana peel for poison ivy is to rub the inside of the peel over the rashy area. The peel will probably leave some residue behind; rinse this away after 15 minutes. Another option is to wrap the peel around your skin. The banana’s yellow skin should face up. Use medical tape to secure the peel in place. Take it off after half an hour. With either banana method, repeat the treatment a few times a day.

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