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5 Potential Causes of a Sore Tongue

A sore tongue can be a big pain. After all, we use our tongues for many of our daily activities. We need our tongues to eat and drink. Of course, we need our tongues to talk. When your tongue is sore and painful, everyday activities that you need to do in order to survive can turn from joyful experiences into painful and agonizing chores. Dealing with a sore tongue is something that some people have to do. There are many issues which can a person’s tongue to become a sore and painful thing. Some issues are very common.  

Inflammation. Inflammation is a common symptom that you may experience when you have a sore tongue. It is often caused by your taste buds getting swollen. You may notice that there are swollen white and red bumps on your tongue; these are your taste buds. Oral thrush is when fungus accumulates on the lining of your mouth or tongue. It can cause painful swelling and inflammation. It is common in children, elderly people who wear dentures, and those who have recently taken antibiotics. The good news is that inflammation will often go away by its own.

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