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5 Common Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Women

Many medical situations are experienced differently for women and men. When it comes to heart attacks, women don’t always have the same symptoms and experience that a man will have during a heart attack. The symptoms tend to be more subtle and can be dismissed as something else. This results in heart attacks being fatal to women more often than it does for men. Quick treatment and response to heart attack symptoms can make all the difference in determining the potential for a fatal outcome.  There are five surefire symptoms to consider.

Chest Discomfort. This is the most common symptom for women and is very common for men. The difference is how they feel it. Women feel like they are being squeezed or pressed upon, whereas men tend to feel an even greater pain and pressure. Women can also feel the pain on both sides of their body, while men will more often feel it just on one side.

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